"Hope is the feeling, which is born in a sole while watching or feeling or imagining the good future, which is hard but still possible to be reached…"

Metropolitan Andrey Sheptytsky


Art project Sacred Space V. AboutHope started during the Holy Week. The main idea of the project is finding God by means of contemporary art. The project lasted during all period of Easter celebrating from April 26 till May 9 2016 Eastern style. Importantly was to show possibilities of search and experiments in contemporary sacred art by interest of artists of new waves in actual secular art, especially video art and multimedia. And in this aspect the most important was to expand bounds of spiritual problems presentation and perception and change a view on a sacred nature by means of creative experiment, but staying in a field of traditional religious ideals. Artists are representing their sacred art works in a form of installations, videos and music performances.



- 26 April - 09 May – The "About Hope" exhibition of visual art, Gallery Dzyga (str. Virmenska 35). Participants: Mykhaylo Barabash [UA], Marta Bosowska [PL], Joanna Zemanek [PL], Slawomir Sobczak [PL], Volodymyr Topij [UA], Vitalii Shupliak [UA], Grzegorz Sztwiertnia [PL]
- 04 May at 19:00 – Mykhaylo Barabash [UA], Performance "Untitlled", Gallery Dzyga (str. Virmenska 35)
- 09 May, 19:00 - Concert «Canti sacrali», Powder Tower (Pidvalna str., 4)
At program:
presentation of Halim El-Dabh's [EG] piece for tape "Michael and the Dragon" 
Toru Takemitsu [JP] "Litany" for piano (performer: Ostap Manulyak)
Yuriy Bulka, Ostap Manulyak Roman Feschak [UA] "Sound contemplation" for piano, electronics, live coding and saxophone
Bohdan Bulka, Roman Feshchak [UA] "without a title" for saxophone and electronics
- 10 May, 19:00 - Concert "Sound contemplation" Powder Tower (st. Pidvalna 4)
At program:
Wassim Ibrahim [SY] piece for seven instruments;
(performers: Ensemble of contemporary music "ConstantY", conductor: Serhiy Khorovets)
Mykola Khshanovsky [UA] «erat, est, erit» for cello and electronics;
(performers: Maria Bil - cello, Mykola Khshanovsky - electronics)
Ostap Manulyak [UA] «Canto sacrale» for piano and electronic;
presentation of Jonathan Harvey [UK] «Mortuos plango» for tape
- 16 May, 19:00 - Concert «Folios», Powder Tower (st. Pidvalna 4)
Mykhailo Vihula (UA-HU) - contemporary music for guitar.
At program pieces by Giacinto Scelsi, Toru Takemitsu and modern Ukrainian and Hungarian composers.
- 18 May at 17:00 – Opening of the project Andrija Bojarova [UA] "Untitled. Sacred spaces", Exhibition of photographs, Fine Arts Department of Lviv National Scientific Library Stefanik (st. Bibliotechna 2). (Exhibition continues until 10.19.2016).





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