During the last three years in the period of Great Lent and Easter in Lviv it is held an art project “Sacred Space” by NGO “NURT”. Young artists from Ukraine and Poland represent a new look at the sense of sacred/spiritual art.

This year the project will be opened by an extraordinary duo “sopranKONTRAbas” from Poznan. The duo is created by Blanca Dembosh and Mateusz Losk. Both are young Polish musicians, who cooperate with the environment of new “academic” and electro acoustic music in Poznan, Wroclaw and Krakow. They propose for a listener a new and atypical comparison of high female voice, contrabass and electronics.   


  1. 7 April –  project «On the other side of Leta» a concert, which represents the development of actual stylistic innovations in the area of religious and sacred music, The Academic Lviv Theatre by Les Kurbas.
  2. 10-21 April – project «aboutFaith», an exhibition of visual art works, Dzyga gallery



«…those who love believe in God and hope for Him – in the highest sense of faith and hope.A saint knows God and do not need faith in His existence. Butfaithastrustisstill necessary in the state of sanctity as well. And hope for eternity of own bliss remains important, even when a person is in love with Gog and “see God face to face”.

Great -Mytropolyt Ukrainian Andrey Sheptytsky







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