An Art Project “a Sacral Space” will start in a Holly Week in Lviv.
The main idea is looking for God by means of contemporary art.
The project will last during Easter celebration (EST on) April 5-May 5, 2012.
Young artists from Ukraine and Poland will show their sacral works: installations, paintings, sculpture, video art, electronic Sunday Mass and will hold a seminar on “religious art”.  

The project is carrying out to change widely spread opinion towards modern sacral art, reduced mainly to iconography with its fixed patterns.


  1. Visual Part – April 5-May 5, 2012 –  A visual Art exhibition (The Museum of Ideas);
  2. Music Part – 5 April, 2012represented musical project "Antiphons plane" composer Ostap Manulyak, representing actual style innovations in religious and sacral Music (The Museum of Ideas);
  3. Theoretical Part – 10 April, 2012 – a discussion devoted to sacral and “religious art” problems (The Museum of Ideas).











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